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What is Bitlance?

Bitlance is a decentralized collaboration platform that helps freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect and work together on various projects. We strongly believe that freedom is one of the most precious assets that a person can have. With this in mind, we designed BitLance to be uncensorable and unstoppable by its nature.

An advanced reputation system will make it easy to find the perfect match for your needs. Many different and unique metrics are used to refine search and helps to make a better interaction between peers. Various escrow systems are going to make the cooperation safer.

Bitlance is not a company, it has no owner. It is governed only by its token holders who are going to determine its future course. Decentralization promotes freedom and makes it resistant to manipulations and censure of any kind.

Projects supported by Bitlance

To make it more customizable and robust, Bitlance is divided into several sub-projects. Every sub-project is intended to be independent, with its own life-cycle and hopefully its own community around it:

  BitProfile is a decentralized user namespace system. It implements different authentication methods and customizable permissions which make it safe to use BitLance even from low-security devices such as phones or tablets. []

  Xeth is a free, open-source Ethereum wallet. With stealth payment support, it enhances user privacy and allows users to have their financial activity private. []

Hire Freelance PRO's

Posting a project is extremely easy. Despite its complexity, bitlance has an intuitive and simple UIX which helps even less experienced users to interact with the platform.

The reputation system helps to find the best freelancer candidates. Different unique metrics are helping to have a better view on project applicants. The possibility to choose from a variety of escrow systems makes the interaction with the freelancers safer.

Work Online

It is very easy to find the right projects that match any freelancer’s skills, preferences or financial expectations. Bitlance has a multitude of searching filters which can help to make this process smoother by refining search results as much as possible.

A freelancer’s profile and hard earned reputation cannot be removed, blocked or censored by anyone. Advanced reputation and escrow systems are making the work experience safer and more comfortable.

Manage the Bitlance

Bitlance is a decentralized platform. It is governed only by its token holders who will take decisions about platform’s development route, funds, fees, etc.

Platform profit is going to be distributed to token holders in proportion to their shares. Tokens are transferable to favor a better distribution.